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Cheryl Sullivan(non-registered)
What beautiful photos! Absolutely amazing work!
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Christine Pikala(non-registered)
2017: A great new year for you!!
Great website, Edie!
~ Chris P. ✌️
Sarah Williams
Love love Love the food images on the trivets! My collection just grew and I can't wait to put up my new pieces in my new kitchen. I started with the red onion and the celery because I loved the colors. Then, since it turned out that those are some of the foods that my boyfriend hates the most, I decided to continue the trend with blueberries, bell peppers and raspberries. They are beautiful, artistic, colorful and now have a funny little backstory. Thanks for the wonderful work you do, Edie!
MaryBeth Garrigan(non-registered)
Awesome photos!
Ellen N. Emerson(non-registered)
Love your work! Hope you are doing well.
Cheryl Sullivan(non-registered)
Great photos, Edie! I love your work!
Jo Belvedere(non-registered)
"Jo says" awesome Edie!!
Chris Harnack(non-registered)
Very nice Edie. I hope you have much success. Love the Blog.
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