From small framed artwork to larger gallery wrapped prints, I offer vibrant colors and creative textures to decorate the walls of your home or office. The canvas wraps, especially, are lightweight, easy to ship, and ready to hang.
Michigan Waters - 24x36 canvas wrapLayered - 24x36 canvas wrapOriginal Prairie Grass - 18x24 canvas wrapAfternoon Walk - 18x24 canvas wrapWooly - 16x20 canvas wrapDusting - 16x20 canvas wrapSkylight - 16x20 canvas wrapFrozen Bubbles - 16x20 canvas wrapSlices #2 - 16x20 canvas wrapMy Mother's Cutting Board - 16x20 canvas wrapLeft on the Vine 16x20 inch canvas wrapTangled - 16x20 canvas wrapSubmersion - 16x20 inch canvas wrapInfinity - 16x20 canvas wrapTines #2 -  16x20 inch canvas wrapFaces in the Mesh 16x20 inch canvas wrapEaster Brunch - 16x20 canvas wrapHome Improvement - 16x20 canvas wrapsReaching - 16x20 inch canvas wrapAlone with the Light - 16x20 inch canvas wrap