One of the best products I've ever made, these trivets and coasters are created using a dye sublimation process; the ink is embedded into the ceramic. They are heat and scratch resistant. Use them as 'hot plates' for your dining and end tables, or as decorative art pieces for the home.
All Winter Long - 6x6 ceramic trivetNorth Shore Stone - 6x6 ceramic trivetCubist Onion Cubes - 6x6 ceramic trivetRed Rooster Blue Door - 6x6 ceramic trivetOverhead View - 6x6 ceramic trivetAmerican Eats - 6x6 ceramic trivetNorth GA Smokies - 6x6 ceramic trivetPepper Butts - 6x6 ceramic trivetSectionals - 8x8 ceramic trivetCereal - 6x6 ceramic trivetCelery - 6x6 ceramic trivetBumper Crop - 6x6 ceramic trivetCoffee Bubbles - 6x6 ceramic trivetTin Foil Rinse - 5x7 ceramic trivetDrizzle - 8x8 ceramic trivetSpice Icing - 8x8 ceramic trivetRed Cherries Blue Bowl - 6x6 ceramic trivetPineapple Sunburst - 6x6 ceramic trivetOffice Stilllife - 6x6 ceramic trivetAfternoon Walk - 6x6 ceramic trivet