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"Is it too late for me to go to law school?" -- The Book of Elaine http://www.edithkarrasarts.com/blog/2015/3/-is-it-too-late-for-me-to-go-to-law-school----the-book-of-elaine

I work in an office. A wonderful office. A GREAT office with GREAT people (you never know who's reading). But...

What happened to all those youthful dreams? Scientist...Explorer...National Geographic Photographer...

I could take the easy route: ADHD, depression, no money..no drive.., no skills???....But what really happened is a bunch of other dreams took over and blessed my life in far too many ways to list here. If you visit my site often enough or follow me in any way, you'll soon see that of which I speak.

And what does the blog dream about? Accolades and purchases, of course. As found in The Book of George, "just tell them what you want and they'll make it for ya". And I will. Canvas print, traditional print, ceramic tile, note card...any image you see. If you don't see the picture or the product you want let me know. Can't give you any office supplies though. Those are proprietary.



photosbyedie@gmail.com (Edith Karras Arts) abstract gray grey lines metal office still life http://www.edithkarrasarts.com/blog/2015/3/-is-it-too-late-for-me-to-go-to-law-school----the-book-of-elaine Fri, 13 Mar 2015 00:37:18 GMT
Why I Do It http://www.edithkarrasarts.com/blog/2015/1/why-i-do-it 1) It's fun to say 'drum cave'

2) I like the feel of the sticks in my hands

3) It's loud

4) My band mates are groovy

5) I wanted to play drum set since I was a kid

6) It's loud

7) To be musical is to be human. You just have to find your thang

8) More stuff to buy

9) You get to say 'I'm with the band'

10) It's loud

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I Implore You Mr. Krueger http://www.edithkarrasarts.com/blog/2015/1/i-implore-you-mr-krueger

I don't keep books--gasp!--except for four authors: the one showcased above, Louise Erdrich, Barbara Kingsolver, and Isabel Allende. All others I sell off or gift away.

I've read several Corcoran O'Connor mysteries over the years, but late last year I decided I wanted to read them all in order of publication, so my sweet wife started me off with the first four books for my birthday. That was Nov. 3rd and I've already reached the end. I cannot put them down!

So please, Mr. William Kent Krueger, I beg of you. I know Windigo Island came out in 2014 but get cracking. (You too, other authors mentioned. You're by no means off the hook). I'm lost without Cork and the crew.



photosbyedie@gmail.com (Edith Karras Arts) http://www.edithkarrasarts.com/blog/2015/1/i-implore-you-mr-krueger Sat, 10 Jan 2015 21:21:30 GMT
New Beginnings http://www.edithkarrasarts.com/blog/2015/1/new-beginnings

Most happiest of New Year's to you and yours, and welcome to the first Edith Karras Arts blog!

The light is returning, the calendar has flipped, and we've made our resolutions (or not; what the hey). This website fulfills one of my biggest hopes and dreams for the new year. I'm excited that the site includes a blog page and I plan to share images I might not otherwise offer as 'saleable'. Portraits, still lifes, and pics that move me in one way or another. We'll just have to see what happens.

Hope you enjoy the ride.




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